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I'm FINALLY almost done with this long-as-a-phone-book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ...and thirteen pages to the end, I read this...

(SPOILER WARNING: Don't read unless you've read the book already, or don't mind me discussing glaring plot inconsistencies that might ruin the book for you in advance.)

"He realized what it was within seconds. Sirius had given it to him just inside the front door of Grimmauld Place. Use it if you need me, all right? "

It was, as it turns out, a two way mirror.

Okay let me get this straight...during the OWLS, when Harry receives a vision of Sirius in danger, he arranges for an elaborate ruse to gain access to Umbridge's office, rather than simply go to his room and attempt to use his two-way mirror to figure out whether Sirius is dead or not?

But of course, he HAS to enter Umbridge's office, now, doesn't he? Otherwise, the author can't have him talk to Kreacher, which leads him to the Ministry of Magic, which leads him to the whole point of the book. Which I'll be nice enough not to reveal, if there's anyone else in the world who hasn't read last year's Harry Potter.

I know, I know, I take these things way too seriously. But in a novel that drags on for almost nine hundred freaking pages, if you're going to need to find SOMETHING to cut, one might have possibly considered deleting the one page of text that totally undercuts the logical underpinnings behind the hero's motivations for the climactic final battle, no?

Sigh. I know, it's just a book. But I always hate it when I get pushed out of the reality of the world that I'm entering as a result of creaky plot structures.

Of course, I know that there are creaks in my plots, too, although I'll never reveal them to anyone willingly.

On the plus side, reading this book motivated me, more than ever, to get Amelia published.
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