Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Slick daddy NoCompromises hopes that all you mofos had a righteous Halloween!

Ours was long, fun, and also stressful. We walked through the streets of Eldredge where the best houses were, and picked up lots of candy for the kids. Josie took the kids on a tour of duty until around 7:30, and then Corb and I took over. She was on her way to a hot date. But around nine, on the way home from trick or treating, with the kids bags swollen with candy and hard to carry, there was a call on my cell phone.

It was Josie. "My car's broken down right outside the house."

So, dressed as a seventies pimp, I hung around for another hour until her car got towed. The kids stayed inside the house, counting their haul. Corb, who was dressed as a bloody doctor, and was facing a twelve hour shift today, hung around, while I kept shuttling back and forth between the kids and Josie.

My favorite part was when the police arrived, because Josie's car was blocking the street, and they wanted to wait until the tow got there.

"Did the pigs pick up one of my hos?" I asked, all attitude.
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