Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The Adventures of Couch Potato boy

Well, here I am, sitting and typing, and swigging Perrier with lemon from the bottle, waiting for Desperate Housewives to start. Corb and I bought a new TV today, and its got great clarity to it. We had to get one...just had to, you see, because Corb bought a Play Station a few days ago, and I needed a big screen TV in order to play my Nintendo Game Cube.

Wait. Desperate Housewives is a repeat. Well, forget that. Let's try Vampire Bats .

Egad. We lasted through one scene. Man, I would just love to be the kid who gets to put on his acting credits, "I played Jason Ortiz, the drunk college student that got to wobble around and get eaten by bats, after I drunkenly feel into a puddle of mud."

Corb and I waited around to see them discover his dead body. Oh, so THAT's what happened to Brett Butler. Was is worth coming out of rehab to be a part of THIS?

Luckily, I picked up the first season of Drawn Together . Well, this should be fun...

BTW, fag alert: I am totally obsessed with Madonna's new song. I could hear it over and over again. But I you think ABBA gets royalties for it?
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