Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Not remembering that Monday was a holiday, I requested a day off yesterday for a father/son dentist appointment. Yes, a joint exercise in pain! One Ted locked in a room screaming in agony; another smaller Ted in Room #2, gazing up helplessly as a bottle blond looms over the poor child with a sickening assortment of dental equipment in her hands.

The dentist's office is located right behind a barber shop. It must be some sort of "dating back to the Middle Ages" kind of thing.

But getting back to my point, because I forgot that Monday was a holiday, I'm sitting here with a four day weekend on my hand. The possibilities loom over me, like a bottle blond looming over a poor little Ted with a sickening assortment of dental equipment in her hands.

Anyway, Corb just discovered a great coffee shop right near our apartment, right next to a twirling studio (twirling studio...I kid you not). It has the best black cherry strudels that I've ever tasted in my, I'm a happy guy this morning, sitting here, typing, drinking a hot cup of coffee, and nibbling on my strudel.

On today's agenda: nothing. And then, nothing. And then, did I mention, a little bit of nada, too.

Well, actually, I probably will do something. Like folding laundry. we have more clean unfolded laundry laying around here than the lead singer of the Joy Division had epileptic seizures. Oh, and I'll probably watch a lot of TV. Bottom line: it's a rainy day and all I want to do is take it easy and do plenty of nothing.

Rah rah rah!

Oh, and another thing. Ashes made me buy her a bottle of Shania Twain perfume yesterday. I had this feeling that it would smell like horses and leather, but it's actually quite nice.

The whole "famous female" perfume line always cracks me up, though. Just because of the images it conjurs up. I mean, Elizabeth Taylor was fine, but what about Brittany Spears' lines? Do they smell like low tide? What about if Gwen Stefani came out with a perfume? Would it smell like the back seat of a car and KY jelly?
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