Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

OMG! A Sighting!

So I decide to head to Target. It's only open for another fifteen minutes, so I want to get there, get what I need, and get out.

As I'm walking down one of the main aisles, toward the sock section (I so needed black socks--all of mine have holes in them!), I see this woman walking towards me. She looks strangely familiar, but I'm all busy thinking of socks, so I don't think anything of it, so single minded am I in my quest for foot covering.

Suddenly, I hear my name, although the voice turns it into a question.

I turn to her, puzzled. "Lauren," she says quickly, pointing to herself.

"Hi" I say slowly, trying to make the connection. It's a weird situation. Should I just pretend as though I know who it is, and breeze through the encounter? She looks SO familiar, I just can't place my finger on it...hmmm, should I face things head on and admit I'm having trouble?

Finally, I decide to confess, and say, "I'm trying to think where..."

"Oh!" She realizes the issue. "Livejournal. ohhjuliet.

Wow! Ohhjuliet! It dawns on me. I know this person. I know this person well enough that she knows some of the most intimate details of my life, and I know the same of hers. And she's so pretty, too!

Hugging ensues.

Lau, I know that I'm being silly by writing this as "the other side" of your journal entry, but it really was fantastic to finally meet you...and I meant it about your ghost story, btw. I swear, I think we should form a writer's group, just so we can egg each other on with our writing...
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