Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Odds and sods, Chapter 1804

When I woke Tiger up this morning, I discovered the following things spread around him:

--A SpongeBob Squarepants plastic watch
--His blue GameBoy (I had placed that there before he woke up)
--Spock, a stuffed bear I bought for him a few weeks ago (that day that Corb and I ate breakfast twice)
--An "I Love NY" stuffed animal I gave him last night
--A rubber maroon dinosaur
--a blue "Hurricane Katrina relief" wristband.

I love how little guy's think. Can I go back to being a kid again?


Yesterday I woke up in my bed at the Carlton, which was totally cozy. My room was located at a section in the hotel that's basically shaped like a U, and as I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of a beautiful blond lady in the room across from me, completely naked from the waist up and pulling on a pair of black stockings.

I didn't wave or anything, but I was extra careful about showering. The night before, I had been totally oblivious and had moved around in the room starkers for probably about a half an hour. Who knows, maybe she was returning the favor?


As I was getting ready to meet my friends in the lobby of the hotel, I waited at the elevator on the seventh floor, loaded down with my suitcases.

A Chinese man in a business suit moved up behind me. I just continued to read The New Yorker . I was in the middle of a story about a stone shaped like a kidney bean.

The elevator doors opened up, and as they did, a lady with curly blond hair moved behind me. Trying to be a gentleman, I offered her a chance to get in first.

She tilted her head back and laughed. "Oh, no no no," she said. "You go first."

Well, okay. I'm a functional gentleman, at best. The lady can get the first bite at the apple, but I had two guys waiting for me downstairs and the elevator was full of people. I nodded and moved into the elevator.

The Chinese guy extended his arm, inviting the curly blond to enter. "Oh, no no no," she said, once again.

"I must insist," he replied. "I could never enter before you."

"Oh, thanks!" she said, and then, as she entered, said to him. "That's how I feel, too."

Turning red, I simply buried my head in my magazine.
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