Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Devil doll

Corb took this picture while we were at the zoo yesterday. He found it abandoned on a park bench.

I can see why it was left behind, frankly. Either that, or it ate the kid that was carrying it.

I was thinking about taking it home, so that it could spawn with Thumbkin, or maybe have a three-way with the evil ceramic statue that Thummy mated with last month, but I was too creeped out to have it in the back of my car. Just my luck, it would have pulled a Chuckie and wiped out the kids and Corb. But more than that, yesterday I just wasn't up to having an evil psychotic doll biting into the back of my neck while I was driving. I'm funny that way.

But I like this image, for some reason. I'm thinking about making it an icon, or something. For when I'm feling in an "Evil Ted" kind of mood. You know, every other day.

BTW, just for those who regularly read my journal and Josie's--Josie's post last night had nothing to do with my post this morning. She wasn't upset by the A. thing at all...actually, she was mostly amused by the whole thing...
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