Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Just returned from New York, and had an awful lot of fun. But of course, I thought of my LJ friends fact, I thought of one particular LJ friend quite a bit! You see, as I was walking through Times Square, just playing with my camera and talking to Corb about the play that we saw, to my surprise, I suddenly realized that one of my LJ friends was actually performing near the half price booth!

And who, I hear you cry, was it? Well, I'll give you a hint....from the looks of things, she might want to consider renaming her journal "The Adventures of..."

Beth, darling, how could you leave out this critical detail in your journal? Here I've been reading your entries for years now, and not once did you ever mention that every now and then, you like to put on a blond wig and strum the guitar with little more on than god granted you.

I mean, I know that you've got the music in you, because I've read all about your deejaying...but THIS? I didn't even realize that you knew how to play the guitar! (Not that I actually saw you play the guitar, actually. I think you may have strummed it once or twice...) For the record, I sort of noticed that only the men in the immediate area thought enough of your playing ability to snap pictures.

Speaking of men, here's a shot for youze know who you are...anchors away...

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