Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Joyful Noize

I still can't believe that the summer is almost over, but I'm honestly not going to think about it that much. I'm simply going to enjoy the days that are remaining. Besides, I really do love the fall, and there have been flashes of that these past few days, making me feel all in love and romantic and prepared to quote from the works of Shakespeare at the drop of a falling New England leaf.

Anyway, I took today as a vacation day, and it really won't be much of one, since I've got a huge list of chores to do: pay bills (cell phone, especially), wash dishes, fold laundry, buy kids school clothes, blah blah blah...but I'm going to make time to do some fun things with the kids, too, and it will put me in good shape for the week-end, where I can really make some noise, because Corb and I are headed for New York City. Of all the plays on Broadway that I could have chosen for Saturday night, I selected Altar Boyz , because...I don't looked funny to me. And I'm even thinking of sneaking in a Sunday matinée...and then, on Monday, the kids and I head off for our annual pilgrimage to Water Wizz.

This will be a busy month of traveling, too. In a few weeks, I head back to New Jersey for a night, and then back to the city with the boss, where we'll do what we always do and spend the evening drinking in Greenwich Village. And then, in October, I just learned that I'll be heading back to Orlando for a few days...right across from Disney World, same as last year. Best of all, my department's not paying for it--another department is.

On another note, I did finish another chapter of The Late Night Show . Very pleased! I'll be posting it soon...I left it at work yesterday, so I can't do any typing until I get my yellow pad back...and I'm not inclined to drive in to get it...

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