Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Dog day

Don't tell askthumbkin, but today's entry is sponsored by our faithful dog Prince, who lives at the homestead. I still consider my tried and true friend.

Josie just gave him a haircut on Friday, which was also Ash's 12th birthday. We all met at the homestead for cake and a heated discussion on pot bound plants (don't ask), and there was Prince, strutting around, just as proud as can be. Josie recently learned that the old guy has Lyme disease, unfortunately, but she's taking care of that. But I think, with his haircut, that he looks like a puppy again.

Isn't he a beautiful guy? I don't know, maybe I'm feeling all soft and warm about him because I watched Because of Winn Dixie last night with the kids (and yes, I did blubber all the way through the end...) Corb swears it's a Pollyana remake.

At one point, he got into the ice cream cake, which stained his fur pink. That prompted another heated discussion about the best way to cool down the house (DON'T ASK, I tell you!) Anyway, I've always loved Prince's harlequin head, don't you? And maybe, the ice cream made him even more festive, just for the occasion.

There's actually a fun story about how we came to end up with such a beautiful dog. Believe it or not, he was a pound puppy. Click here for a trip in the way back machine...

Two Fates
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