Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


SOME people (and they shall remain nameless) seem to be under the impression that Thumbkin doesn't actually keep his own journal.

SOME people seem to think that the horrible, brutal, shocking stories that he writes about in askthumbkin aren't real. That they're the result of someone's fevered imagination. That Thumbkin is truly full of love and sunshine and happiness, and that the stories being told about him on Live Journal are ruining his sweet and innocent reputation.

And yet, tonight, after Corb left for work, I started to doze off in bed. After a bit, however, I was awoken by the sound of typing in the big bedroom. Who could be in there? I was all alone in the apartment, after all. Was it a rouge novelist?

Concerned, I rose from the bed and crept slowly into the big bedroom. I was shocked and surprised by what I saw...but there it was, clear as a bell. Thankfully, I had my camera nearby to take a few shots...

...and to make matters worse, look what he was typing!

Do I need to say anything more?
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