Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Attended the Providence Chamber of Commerce annual dinner tonight. Very well attended at the Convention Center, and they lived up to their perpetual promise to be "out by 8:30."

I went with Joe, who is fun to hang with, because he's such a schmoozer. Knows everyone, always gives the glad hand, knows what to say and when to say it. I always learn a lot from him.

Alas, with Buddy now facing jail time, he was not in attendance. Morality aside, Buddy was always guaranteed at least a good speech, which is something I so crave at these things. I remember seeing him speak at an Urban League reception the day he was indicted. Cool as a cucumber. The place was filled with reporters, filming him as he buttered a roll and ate it while the guest of honor droned on, totally ignored. Then Buddy came up to speak, looked around, and said, with a bit of sarcasm, "For years we've been trying to get great coverage for this event! How nice that you've all finally seen the light and decided to cover it!"

In fact, I'm seriously thinking about taking entertainment value over moral correctness any time. I know, call me a heathen. But at least Buddy Cianci could command a crowd, tell a joke, say a few things off the cuff. Probably why I like Clinton, too. And why I wasn't too upset when Gore lost--hearing that man make a speech was like watching Frankenstein dance to Love Shack. Painful.

Hopefully our new gay mayor, David Cicilline, will be as interesting. I heard him talk at a bar a few nights before he was elected. Other than our interest in the same bar, it wasn't a very memorable impression.

I know, I sound like a fascist. But ENGAGE me. Keep me interested.

Tonight I came home and after Josie was done talking to Matt, we had a good conversation and she fell asleep in my arms. Her therapist, my therapist, our therapist all feel that we need to...disengage. But who do you listen to? Your heart (which says, "help me, I'm about to break!") or your head (or at least, what your shrink places between your ears...hmmm, would that make it a "shrunken head"?)

I do love her.
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