Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

But can I measure up?

When I do a bit of heavy editing (which clearly I NEVER do when I'm writing in my Live Journal...), there are two things that I can't do without: a red pen and a ruler.

A quiet spot is also a nice thing to have, too, and at work, I have just the place: a training room on our third floor. Usually it's unoccupied, and I can sneak in and work, undisturbed.

And that's exactly where I was headed today, ruler and pencil and copy in hand. But unfortunately, I realized, as I reached the door to the conference room, that it was occupied.

Sighing, I started to turn around, but realized, suddenly, that I had something more important to do: go to the bathroom. Since the men's room is located right next to the training room, I reversed my direction and headed on my way.

As I reached the door, however, I almost slammed into another guy, on his way out. I started to apologize, but I realized that he was looking at me strangely, and he kind of grunted and walked away.

Strange, I thought, until I looked down into my hands, and started to blush. Yeah, here I am, the guy with the ruler in his hands, entering the men's room, and I'm the one thinking I'm the normal one...
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