Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I have a few minutes to type, as the beard gels (don't ask). I've been really pleased with my writing work this week--the past three days, I have been able to set aside half an hour for automatic writing every morning (okay, okay...their actually "morning pages, but they actually do seem spirit-related, to me), and I've already noticed improvements. Of course, at the moment, I've had to use this increased creative energy for work stuff, because I'm scrambling to wrap things up so that I can go on vacation next Friday for a week.

So I worked until eight last night, and returned home, exhausted. Strangely enough (keeping on this Charlie and the Chocolate factory theme I've been on these past few days), I ending up reading an article last night on Roald Dahl, the book's author. It tried to explain the curious fact that kids seem to universally adore Dahl, but many adults can't stand his writing. Personally, I was one of those kids who devoured both Charlie stories, even if they are, in some circles, considered the book equivalent of television (that is, empty calories). I was one of those who would sit for hours, reading the books from start to finish, and then would flip back to the beginning, and start reading the same one over again. AND IT DIDN'T STUNT MY INTELLECTUAL GROWTH! Well, hardly ever.

Corb and I spent most of the night in a state of zombiehood, watching the BBC on PBS. There was one program I really fancied, something about this very large horny female vicar and her parish. At the end of the show, there was a particularly moving video about world hunger, and, in particular, AIDS in Africa, that affected me greatly. I get really emotional, particularly when I see things involving children, and started making "the noises."

"Why don't you just turn it off?" grumbled Corb. As if.

Anyway, the site is
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