Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm waiting for the sewer guy to get here to conduct a Title 5 inspection. I've been waiting an hour, but he still hasn't arrived.

Grr...doesn't he know what a busy man I am?

Why is it that Josie's keyboard hates me so? Whenever I type on it, it always skips letters: for example, "skips" just came out "kips," "came" just came out "cam." It makes it damn difficult to get any kind of flow going.

On the plus side, I did get three pages of automatic writing accomplished, so I'm back on the "jump kick your creativity" program. My writing this morning seemed to center around my distractability factor and my tendency to foam at the mouth whenever I see someone that I perceive as being more creative than I am. What I basically wrote was that if I could just free myself of these two shackles, I'd be in a much better place. I also realized that some of this was necessary, given all that I've had to confront in my life these past few years. But..that's all over, really. The worst has passed, and I have no excuses.

Finished "Wicked" last night, which proves that if the book is good enough, I will see it through all the way, and quickly. The Stephen King experiment had me worried, because, although I started out great, I started losing interest around the fourth short story--but maybe that's because the story was this silly thing about a torture chamber, and it didn't hold any interest for me.

"Wicked" held my interest, even though Elphaba really didn't do much. The sections of the book can basically be broken down as such: Section One-- childhood adventures with her horny mom; Two--School adventures that she spends the rest of the book dwelling on; Three--Elphie has lots of sex with her Winkie boyfriend; Four--She sits around in a Winkie castle with her boyfriend's wife, sisters, and kids; and Five--she takes action, with 100 pages left to go.

Even so, I liked it, and, obsessive collector that I am, will buy more. The fact that John Updike is quoted on the cover is no coincidence. Besides Baum, he is clearly the other major influence.

Oh, also saw War of the Worlds this weekend. Flat, flat, flat. Good summer flick, but the characters had few redeeming qualities, and everything was played-um, did I say, flat yet? Except for the obligatory cute "come nto the light, Carol Ann" kid.
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