Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Something in the genes...

"The day before school ends"

A play in one scene by TJM

SCENE: Nine at night in Ted's still-pristine RAV-4, driving home from the movies. Ashley and Tiger sit in the back seat. Ted's driving, and Corb is in the passenger seat. Both are gritting their teeth, shaking their heads from side to side, and groaning. No, they're not having epileptic seizures.

ASHLEY: So, one time...well, I think it was in first grade...well, it may have been first grade...well, first or second, I think it was first grade, because I remember, we were all complaining about the teacher that year, and that was when I was with Lindsey and Anna, and so...yeah, first grade...well, time...we were all standing in the back of the the playground I wait, it may have been the gymnasium actually...

TIGER: And there was this kid, Chris Cliven. And he's a bully. He likes to push all the kids around. He pushed one kid's head into the wall! And he's a bully to me, too, he once knocked me down. Oh, and he knocked David S down, too. Only, he was at Paul's birthday party, and he wasn't as much of a jerk, then...

ASHLEY:! I think it was the back of the playground, actually, yeah, it must have been, because I remember that we were outside. So, we were outside? You know? And we walked over to this house that's by playground, that was, Lindsey and Anna, and I think Jasmine, too, although I might be wrong about that, which is really kind of funny, because, well, you know...and so we walked over to the house by the playground, you know? And Lindsey said, "Did you know, that house is haunted?" And I said, yeah, I knew that, because I heard about this person once, that...

CORB: (Turning to Ted) It's all your fault, you know.

TED: (Confused) What is?

CORB: Them. The way they are. You have to go and like telling stories, don't you?
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