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Snapshots from Green Victoria

A week or so ago, robcelt sent out a list of his top six favorite songs, at least at the moment, and tagged me to list my top six. I won't tag anyone myself, but here are my top ten, and I have to say, "Let There Be Love" by Oasis is totally topping my personal charts right now. If you haven't heard it, check it out on their CD, Don't Believe the Truth . Good stuff!

By the way--of course, I can't just pick six songs. I have to have ten. Some are "current faves," and some have been stuck in my head since the end of time.

1. The Cars "Leave or Stay" (original demo version)
The Cars have long been a favorite, but this is a gem I picked up recently. It has a spare, Modern Lovers kind of sound, and once you hear it, you can't get the guitar riff out of your head. And I like the line, "I stood there drinking milk," for some reason.
2. Pink Floyd "The Last Great Gig in the Sky"
A perennial favorite. How can you not love this song, even if, as my friend Joyce has long pointed out, it sounds as though the woman is having an orgasm in the song? Me, I tend to look heavenward when I hear it.
3. Belle and Sebastian "A Woman's Realm"
Anything from "Fold Your Hands, Child" scores high with me, but this one is probably the best of this best album. Infectious opening leads into a sparse, poetic image that culminates into a rare duet from this group.
4. Oasis "Let There Be Love"
The Beatles influence is definitely present, but there's also a touch of David Bowie during the bridge. And you gotta love the opening line, "Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens would cry over me?"
5. Oklahoma "Out of Your Dreams"
I had to include something from the current show. This one's been playing through my head for weeks.
6. The Mikado "The Sun Whose Rays"
When I die, I want this song to be playing as I breathe my last. Simply put, there has never been a lovelier marriage of words to music ever composed.
7. Elton John "We All Fall in Love Sometime/Curtains"
Some things will always remain a part of me. I played "Captain Fantastic" for YEARS, mourning the absense of my first love, Steven, from my life. I literally wore through the first cassette I had of that album. The song still has the ability to conjure in me an overwhelming feeling of love lost and adolescent angst, even though any feelings I once had for Steven have long faded.
8. Elton John "Your Song"
If I had to include "Curtains" for Steven, "Your Song" is right up here for Josie, but for all good reasons, not bad. How could I ever do a top ten list without it?
9. Ella Fitzgerald "Mack the Knife" (Live from Berlin)
Without a doubt, the best improvisational rescue ever recorded on vinyl.
10. Brian Wilson "'Til I Die"
Composed at the height of his insanity, this song is a cry for help, which wasn't answered for over a decade. But what a beautiful way to send up a white flag. Of course, the always subtle Mike Love said, when he first heard it, "What a fucking depressing song."

Of course, this has all got me wondering: what's my song with Corb? That one I've got the rest of my life to figure out, I guess. :)
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