Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My quote of the night, from my friend Joycey...

"Stephen King pissed me off by making his books so friggin' huge that I couldn't hold them to read them. I have several novels of his that I never got around to for that reason."

It's an interesting thought, actually. When is too much of a good thing simply too much?

John Waters once said something to the effect that no truly great movie really needs to be more than ninety minutes long. I wonder if the same holds true for novels? Certainly there are many out there that are bloated beyond recognition, sort of like Elvis toward the end of his days.

I recommended the current short story collection from him I'm reading. There's one story, "The Man in the Black Suit," that is truly the best I've read from him in years. I told her it was very "Nathaniel Hawthorn-ish." She said she hated Nate, but would give it a try.
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