Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The Secret Life of Plants...

Yeah, yeah, I's been a few days...but rest assured, the pirate spirit of nocompromises is alive and well, and wreaking havoc all over the place!

Today's entry is sponsored by pictures from Ashley's recent science experiment. She was testing plant growth under three conditions: a plant fed with water, one with soda, and one with vinegar...I'm at home looking after the kidsters today, in case you can't tell...what, you think I could do this at WORK?

So they named the guy who played Cliff Clavin the pope, eh? That's really cool. I always liked him on Cheers, and I was wondering what he's been up to after all these years. He always seemed like a really knowledgable guy, too, so it'll be good have his intelligence guiding the one true holy catholic and apostolic church. And it gives you hope, too...maybe he'll name Norm as his right hand man...or make Carla the head nun. Maybe we'll finally have a Vatican where everyone knows your name...

Um...what's that? The new pope isn't John Ratzenberger? He's actually some German guy named Cardinal Ratzinger? Oh. Never mind...

Every Sunday during Desperate Housewives , Corb and I lie on the counch and snuggle, and engage in an ongoing debate: who's more despicable, Carlos or his wife, Gabrielle? Corb's a huge Gabrielle fan, but I think that some of the things that she's done are just horrible. He thinks that Carlos brought these actions upon himself, that he's an ignorant, lying brute, but I don't think he asked for her to go screwing around with the boy next door, and she never should have withheld the money from his mother's out-of-court settlement. Every week, we have to agree to disagree, and spend the hour saying "She is." "No, he is." "She is!"

Ash looks pretty happy with the vinegar results, eh? It really was a pretty potent plant. The back of my car smelt like sweaty feet for days.

Anyway, for those wondering, Corb and I spent our anniversary wandering around Boston. We ended up eating at Legal Seafood, and then had dessert in Faneuil Hall. Yes, Guyster, I think "the place" that represents the magnitude of our commitment to each other isn't really a place, but an action: walking long distances for hours, side by side. I think that's what we'll end up doing every year, only the places will, hopefully, grow more exotic. But it's fitting, really it is...perhaps it's an apt commentary on the journey that we've both taken to find each other out there.
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