Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

This property is condemned...

corb: Why do I actually need to take a nap?
TJM: because you're tired
corb: Well, I need to clean up around here
TJM: 'that will not make you feel relaxed
corb: this place is a disaster!
TJM: like 9/11?
TJM: like Mount Vesuvius?
corb: yes
TJM: like Bush's reelection?
corb: yup
TJM: egad...that bad?
corb: yup
TJM: better condemn the place, in that case
TJM: better yet, get an exorcist
corb: lol
TJM: tell me its not as bad as Renee's dress at the Oscars
TJM: nothing could be that bad
corb: Worse!
TJM: eep!
TJM: thats it, I'm moving
corb: NO!
TJM: sorry...I cant live under these conditions...
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