Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

One night.

I'm just sitting around, typing away on the computer.

Ashley's sprawled out by the TV, playing Sims.

Corb's working away in the kitchen, making cookies with Tiger.

(I never can get head shots of'll need to setle for his backside...)

I get up off my lazy cybergeek butt and walk into the kitchen. Tiger's in the process of squishing cookie dough between his fingers, rolling it into a ball. Beside him is the tray, half filled with varying sizes of cookie dough.

As I enter, the dough falls out of his hands and on to the floor, squishing into a pasty mess that resembles worm guts. Without thinking, I say, "Tiger, watch out for your balls!"

Corb seems to find that amusing. Egad.

(Here's a picture of our balls...don't say I never gave you anything...)

Anyway, the cookies smell really good right now, baking in the oven. Tiger and Corb are watching TV behind me, looking for a little glass heart in an "I Spy" book, with Avitar playing on the telly.

Ashley's still playing Sims.

I'm called over to help with I Spy, to find the letter B in a pile of jewelry. Pretty soon Ashley's in the room, too, and we're all searching.

The buzzer goes of. It's cookie time. Corb rises to open up the oven.

It's a good night.
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