Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

We woke up this morning at 6:30, to the sound of Corb's cell phone.

Despite my intentions to wake up early and get in for work by seven, I had experienced a change of heart as I slept overnight. Part of that was because I had left work at eight last night. Another part was due to a late evening with das Corbster, after he had returned home from work at 11:30. I won't give away too many details, but let's just say that when he came home, the apartment was lit by candles, Ella was playing on the CD player, and there were three notes pinned up, leading to the bedroom. The last one read "Ted wants Corbett to get the hell in this bedroom RIGHT NOW!"

So anyway, the phone rang. I'm a light sleeper by nature, so I heard it, and everything that followed, even though I was stubbornly trying to cling to some remnant of a dream state, at least until seven. I felt the springs of the mattress creak as Corb climbed out of bed, and his gentle, sleepy "Hello" as he answered the phone, as well as bits and pieces of the terse conversation that followed.

"Um, eight to eight thirty...that's the best I can do, I live half an hour away...and I have to get ready...look, don't get testy with me!"

I knew that I was going to hear an earful, and sure enough, about two minutes later, I felt the other side of the bed squish down. "That was Amanda," Corb said, clearly distressed. Amanda, as you may recall, was the person who had told him he had been slacking off at work since we've been together.

"She wants you to come in early?" I mumbled, opening my eyes briefly, then closing them again.

"She was called by Marissa this morning, because she lives five minutes from the hotel. Marissa wants her to come in for a few hours until she can get in, and Amanda wants me to fill in for her, because she filled in for me Sunday."

"So you're going in? Why's she mad?"

"She's mad because I'm not able to get there by seven. Even though it's twenty of seven right now, I'm not dressed, and I have a half an hour drive to get there."

"Makes sense to me," I said.

Sarcasm doesn't translate well when you're trying to talk and sleep at the same time, by the way. "Well, it doesn't make sense," he grumbled. "How can she get pissed at me? But she did, because I told her that I'd be there by eight or eight thirty. I mean, that's not unfair, is it?"

"Doesn't sound it to--"

"I guess this is another example of me not giving 110 percent, huh?" The mattress rose again and I heard him move into the living room. I opened my eyelids an inch to check out the time. 6:45. Fifteen more minutes.

He called out from the kitchen. "Hun, do we have any more Blueberry Morning ?"

"Ate it all," I mumbled.

A few seconds later, I heard the tinkle of cereal into the bowl. Who thought cereal could be so noisy?

He moved back into the bedroom and sat next to me, talking and crunching. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to talk it through with him, but I also, not-so-secretly, had a desire to maintain to my sleep schedule, too. I needed my beauty sleep, after all (Those thinking, "And plenty of THAT" can just move on to the next posting, thank you very much...)

He finished his bowl and got up from the bed. I kept the conversation going, because I love the guy, and besides, I really think Amanda sounds quite childish. I thought, at that point, he was going to go in the shower, but a minute later, he returned, with a second bowl of cereal.

I don't know what I did, but I must have done something, because he stopped crunching and said, "I hope I'm not annoying you."

"No, you're not annoying me," I said. "I just wanted to catch five more minutes of sleep, that's all."

"Fine!" he said, and rose from the bed. "Catch you're five minutes! I'll go eat my cereal on the couch, all alone." And with that, he moved out of the room and closed the door.

Sensibly, I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

At five past seven, I stumbled out of the bedroom. Corb was in the bathroom, toweling off. I peeked in and stared with casual interest at his naked body. "Just because you're angry with Amanda, doesn't mean you have a right to take it out on me," I said.

He breezed past me and moved into his bedroom. "You always said when we were dating that you'd be there to listen to me any hour of the day."

I tried to stifle a grin. "And I am, sweetie. I was. I listened to the whole thing, for half an hour. Which is more than you can say." I moved into dramatic mode, deliberately. "When you go to sleep, it's impossible to wake you up. And there have been so many things I've wanted to talk to you about, but all I can get out of you are grunts and groans. Can you imagine the loneliness, the utter despair I've felt, as you lay there in bed..."

"Can you imagine my loneliness? My utter despair, just now?" he said. "Sitting there in the living room, all alone, eating my cereal--"

"Crunching loudly. Keeping me from sleeping."

"Ah!" And with that, he rolled up his towel and snapped it at me, trying hard not to grin.

"You--you HIT me!" I said, pretending to be shocked. "I didn't realize how abusive you were!"

"Don't mess with me, buster," he said, moving in to slap me on the face.

I tried to look evil and menacing. "You forget who you're dealing with," I replied, and move into to grab his arms. "I could snap your neck like a chicken." A scuffle ensued.

"That's it, it's over!" I announced dramatically, and moved into the big bedroom.

"You're damn right it's over," he cried out. "I'm going to start dating, right this instant. I'm young and hot, and there are plenty of guys who will snatch me up."

"Oh yeah? Well, don't think I won't have my share of men!" I said, sorting through clothes in my closet.

I heard him move into the bedroom, and sit down on the bed. "Who would want you? You're yesterday's news."

"Even so, I'm a headline. You're nothing more than a sidebar."

Corb grinned. "You're going to be an obituary, any minute now."

I smiled and sat down next to him, brushing my lips against his ear. "Hey, that you've broken up with your want to go out sometime?"

He pulled back, looking shocked. "How dare you?"

"Oh, come'll be fun," I said, kissing his neck.

He tried to act huffy. "But it'd just be a rebound date. Nothing but sex."

"But I wasn't even talking about sex! We can just go out and talk. Try to get over our last relationships. Together. What do you say?"

"Say?" He smiled and nuzzled his nose against mine. "I say that you're crazy."

"Crazy about you," I said, and we kissed.

Just another day, guys.
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