Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A few views...

I'm sitting at this computer at three in the morning, dead tired, but still unable to sleep.

Tomorrow we have callbacks, so after the kids went to bed at midnight, I stayed up and went through the audition sheets. I matched the photos I took to the actors, and sorted through the cold readings, which had become a disaster after two nights. Plus, Tiger sat on top of them during our drive to the mall tonight.

We had about fifty people try out, which is a nice turnout. I think there were about thirty last year. At least, I know that I could fit them all onto two sides of a poster board in 2004. This year, that wouldn't have been possible.

I realized as I was putting everything together that one audition sheet has mysteriously disappeared. It's too bad, because she was a good auditioner, too. Is this how stars are unmade, in the blink of an eye?

Anyway, I thought, since I can't sleep anyway, I'd post a few photos that I took with my camera, that don't fall in the realm of audition-related.

Here's the outside of our home, although not the view you may have expected. The shoes on the left are Tiger's, and on the right, Corb's. From the sublime to the ridiculously large? Tant pis, you know what they say about a man with big feet...

There's the shit eater himself, Thumbkin, looking mighty cosy next to the chat noir. From chat noir to chat merde, it seems to me. You'll note that we haven't painted the walls yet, but we're getting to that, one step at a time.

Looking out onto the pond. Corb just put up the curtains, and he's awfully proud of them. It's a nice scene, and it sure beats strolling around naked for all the neighbors to see.

And finally, a link to the past. The painting in question was created by an artist that is friends with my sister Kerrie. It's a painting of the front doorstep of my parent's old house, the place where I spent over twenty years of my life. Kerrie gave each of the siblings a copy on the day that Mom and Dad moved out. After two years in tucked behind beaureaus, it finally occupies a place of honour in the living room, next to the couch. It's nice to sit there and look up, and remember. This, by the way, is the painting I thought of the last time that I saw my Nana alive.

Oddly enough, tonight, Josie rented Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Can't you just imagine staring at this painting, and feeling yours eyes growing heavy...and slowly...slowly...watching the front door open, and suddenly find yourself entering a gateway into the past?

Hmmm. Maybe my eyes are getting a bit too heavy, right here and now. I'm going into the living room, where I'll be snugling between Tiger and Ashley, underneath this painting. But first, I'm going to give Corb a kiss goodnight. He's here snoring away, while I type.
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