Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

This Sunday is Annie's birthday. She'll be nineteen. I'd feel old, but of course, I can comfort myself in the fact that Annie was already one when we first started dating.

Josie and I are planning to take her to the Olive Garden to celebrate. But here's the thing: I'm having a moral dilemma with my proposed birthday present for her.

You see, for Christmas, her boyfriend, Aaron, whom she has been dating for about six months, provided her with a great gift: two tickets to see Movin' Out on Broadway. That's happening soon, in a few weeks. Aaron's actually a good guy: 25, has a decent job, friendly, and genuinely seems to care for her. He's a damn site better than the jerk she was dating last year.

Now, from personal experience, I know what a pain it is to drive three and a half hours into NYC. Since they're taking in a Sunday matinee, they'll be driving back after the show--and the drive back always takes longer. I kind of worry about them being on the road for eight hours or so.

So, due to Corb's hotel connections, and our trip last week, I had a brainstorm the other day: why not arrange her to have an overnight room in Times Square? I know what a great experience it was for me, and I think it would be something that she would remember fondly for quite some time. And that way, they can drive in Saturday night, and then check out NYC without feeling totally rushed.

Josie had some misgivings, especially because, if her mother knew, she'd go apeshit. And now, I'm starting to have second thoughts: is it too tacky? I can't imagine my parents giving me such a gift, even when I was in college. Any thoughts?
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