Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I love pay day, typically because it's usually a financial splurgefest, but today, I'm going to try and be a bit more responsible, because Corb and I will be traveling to NYC next week, and I want to have some money to burn while I'm there. We're both getting very excited about the trip, and I promised Corbie I wouldn't bring a computer, so I'll be away from LJ for about three days. What will I do?

Ashley's a bit upset that the two of us are going alone. She told Josie that she's afraid the Corb is taking me away from them. That's a natural reaction, I suppose, but you have to keep in mind the other side of the equation: she also totally loves him.

For example, the other day during supper, I told Tiger to turn off his Game Boy, because we always eat dinner as a family. "Well, we're eating as half a family," Ashley corrected me. "Because Mommy and Annie and Corb aren't here."

It's interesting to me how quickly the kids have taken Corb into the family. I started noticing it during our trip to Maine this past summer, when we were at Canobie Lake and Ashley tried to get us to hold hands.

Even Annie, who used to make faces, on occasion, when he was in the room or when she was talking about him. That's changed. Typically, on weekday mornings now, they're the last two to leave the apartment, and this past Thursday, they spent much of the morning sitting around, watching Pimp my Ride together.

Annie told me about it that night. And then she paused. "I really like Corb," she said, after a second. "He's a good guy." Yeah, I think so, too.

So, we'll be in NYC until Saturday, and then we're driving into Boston that night to spend the night there. All in all, this should be a great way to ring in the new year.
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