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Riding In Cars with Girls

Tonight was an interesting night. Josie and I went out with MB and Pauline to the Castle Cinema in Providence. I had complained about seeing a chick flick, but despite my please, we ended up seeing the "Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood." And it really wasn't that bad, although Sandra Bullock was the weakest link and could have been voted off the island without too much fuss on my part.

On the way home, we were driving down the highway in Lisa's Chrysler LeBaron and Josie lifted up her shirt to give the drivers
in the other cars a thrill. Then MB lifted up hers. Pauline was a bit hampered by her outfit, but I complained that, as usual, she was trying to find the convenient way out. She said that we were stopped and cars were pulling up, it wouldn't be a good time or place. So I dared her to as we started into our left turn. And she did, waving and screaming. It was fun.

It's been on my mind to tell Pauline and MB the truth. But that wasn't the right moment and I'm not certain MB would be very receptive. And I think Pauline's totally clueless. However, Lauri thinks that it would be a good thing to do, and Josie says that it's okay. It will happen soon.

Pauline's having major problems with Bob. What else is new? Do we progressively degenerate as we grow older? I think of my grandmother, advising me to enjoy myself and the people around me. I must heed this advice.
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