Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night was downright domestic. I arrived home to find Corb in the throes of a cleaning frenzy. The apartment looked so gorgeous...I really have to get his digital camera set up so that I can download more pictures.

The snow had started to fall before I left Warwick, but it was a nice snowfall, and there was nothing threatening about it. I love my rides home, because I get so much done. By the end of the trip, I had called worked out a solution for watching the kids so that Corb and I can go away for four days to NYC (we've got a suite at the Marriott in Times Square for free!), and at the tail end, called to wish my dad a happy birthday.

Corb and I took a trip to the supermarket to pick up dinner, and then went home to eat and snuggle for the night. We had been saving the Xander/Anya wedding to watch together...and then...

Well, does anyone remember the movie version of Salem's Lot that came out back in the, oh, probably late seventies? I picked up a copy of it for about four dollars at FYE before Christmas, and Corb and I have been watching it, off an on, for a few days now.

I remember being scared by it when I was a kid. My mother was, too--one time she was with friends watching it, and my dad tried to scare her by biting her neck, and she got so upset that she insisted they leave the party.

However, having seen it all the way through, as an adult...I don't know...I mean, I know not to expect today's quality in yesterday's product (and there's some debate about what that quality really is, I know: my brother thinks today's use of computer enhancement is cheesy, he likes the older stuff a lot better)...but while I guess the movie is sort of spooky in spots, more than that, it's almost laughably campy. And the special effects are so awful--there's one scene, during the first hour, where a dog is killed and it's so obviously a stuffed animal. And why is it that everyone in the town has huge bay windows in their bedrooms, and they never draw the curtains before they go to bed? The worst example of this is when a little boy hovers outside his older brother's bedroom. It's kind of a spooky scene, but later on, when his brother is sent to the hospital, I swear, he has the SAME exact bedroom window in his hospital room...and since when do hospitals have bedroom windows that open?

The acting is really horrible, too, and there's this one hysterical scene where one of the recently-converted vampires is approaching his prey, saying "Teacher...teeeeacher...loooook into my eyes...looook into my eyes..."
He then opens his mouth and makes all these slurping noises before he moves in for the kill.

Anyway, this is Corb's favorite impression, right now. He makes his eyes bug out, and then he starts saying "loooook into my eyes...looookin into my eyes..." Then, he grabs my neck and starts moving his mouth and wagging his tongue in and out, while he makes slurping noises. It's absolutely hysterical, I tell you.

So, yeah. Last night, we played a half an hour of that. With a few variations. Personally, I thought the breast milk vampire was the funniest one.
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