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Oh the pain, the pain...

Jonathan Harris died today. God, I loved Lost In Space when I was growing up. My favorite episode, sorry to say, was not the talking carrot one. I think, rather, it was the episode where the family Robinson were orbiting a mysterious planet and one by one, family members started disappearing, until only Will was left, chased by an evil Dr. Smith.
Every child's fear--being abandoned by their family.

I know the show was hokey, but it really had such an impact on me growing up (which may explain why I am the way I am...) I remember in 4th grade taking two paper plates, stapling them together, and spending hours upon hours flying it around in a crude approximation of the Jupiter 2 (well, maybe not that crude...)

Anyway, even though he was overly familiar with Will, I raise a cup to dear old Dr. Smith, that old bubble headed booby.
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