Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Hey all...

Merry Christmas to everyone...we're here at two in the morning putting the finishing touches on Christmas for the kids...Josie's finishing wrapping up the presents (dividing them into a Santa pile and a Mom and Dad pile), Corb's unconscious on the couch, and I'm here writing lousy poetry.

How is that even remotely helping with Christmas? Simple. Every year, we hide one gift each for the kids, and turn the quest for that gift into a treasure hunt, using a series of rhymes. Here are this year's clues:


Hansel and Gretel
Tested their metal
Visiting an old wicked shrew
They ended up here,
But escaped by a hair
And this is where you’ll find a clue

Lovely posies
Plucked from the stem
Transplanted to another place
This lovely container is a new world for them

People take a dump in me, dumping all of the time
From potato peelings to fuzzy slime
For I’m an open vessel, you see
A place to put your abandoned Hi-C
And speaking of fruit punch, you’ll flip your socks
When you look inside me and find a...


The butcher, the baker, Mr. Brown
Who‘s got the smelliest feet in town?
The best way to tell is to take a whiff
Look inside their soles, and just one sniff
Will tell you what you need to know
You’ll find your next clue where the wild scents grow

Santa Claus, he took a ride
And this little fellow jumped inside
He snuggled up warm inside Santa’s coat
But outside his jacket is where you’ll find your next note
A note which will bring you one step closer, you see
To procuring a present that could bring ecstasy

Washing your fingers and washing your toes
Brushing your teeth and scrubbing your nose
Picking at blackheads and flossing with strings
You use me to do these favorite things
So look underneath, and you’re sure to find
A fantastic present that will blow your mind


Swimming inside a little bowl
I’m your finny friend, and I’m on a roll
Because underneath the place that I dwell
Is a little note that will lead you pell-mell
Right to clue number two, so go, TJ
To a swimming hole that will point the way

There are rocks
Near your mother’s bed
That will give you a clue
To where your present’s hid

Money, money everywhere
Just take a chance on me
I’m locked inside a treasure chest
But can you open me?
High roller, Wheel, Phillie’s sweets
Are markings on my box
Just look around, to you will be found
More gold than in Fort Knox
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