Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I returned home from Christmas shopping for the kids just in time to help Ashley study her explorers for a test in the morning. Can I have LaSalle for $200, Alec?

Getting to go shopping with Josie was an absolute juggling act. Before she arrived, I had my buddy Pauline calling me to go see Shaun of the Dead tomorrow night (who woulda thought it was still playing?), the task of trying to figure out what my Mom had already picked up for everyone, I had Corb asking me to run to the store to pick up two more cans of stew for supper, Ashley asking me to pick up last minute stuff for her, and Tiger jumping on everyone's back.

Finally, at seven thirty, we were off to our annual pilgrimage to Toys 'R' Us. Oh, and Target, too! (Didn't some glittery floozy who traveled in a green bubble say that all the time??) We spent an ungodly amount of money tonight, but at least I got Josie to buy me the extended version of Return of the King to complete my collection.

Tomorrow I'll get the day to myself again, until the Corbster returns home. I think I'll take it easy, maybe do a bit of finishing touches shopping tomorrow, and the head to Game Stop to pick up some games for the Tiger Boy.

Josie called her new guy while we were at Target. They seem to be getting along really well. She said it was nice to be able to talk to him with me there and not have either one of us pissed of at each other. I'm so glad she's no longer with Alix. He truly was the patron saint of assholes.

Sleeping arrangements Christmas night will be interesting, and have been the topic of great discussion. Obviously Josie and I can't sleep together, so it looks like I'll be in the master bedroom with the kids, Josie will get the couch, and Corb gets Tiger's room. Talk about a full house! (Ah, Bob Saget never had it so good...)
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