Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My friend Desi posted this today...I thought it was funny...some of these I recognize from David Letterman.

Children's Books you'll never see!!
courtesy of Desi's e-mail inbox!!!!

"You Are Different and That's Bad"

"Dad's New Wife Timothy"

"Pop! Goes The Hamster....And Other Great Microwave Games"

"Testing Homemade Parachutes Using Household Pets"

"The Hardy Boys, the Barbie Twins, and the Vice Squad"

"Babar Meets the Taxidermist"

"Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence"

"The Boy Who Died from Eating All His Vegetables"

"Start a Real-Estate Empire With the Change From Your Mom's Purse"

"The Pop-up Book of Human Anatomy"

"Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will"

"The Care Bears Maul Some Campers and are Shot Dead"

"How to Become The Dominant Military Power In Your School"

"Controlling the Playground: Respect through Fear"

"You Were an Accident"

"Strangers Have the Best Sweets"

"The Little Sissy Who Snitched"

"Some Kittens Can Fly!"

"Getting More Chocolate on Your Face"

"The Kids' Guide to Hitchhiking"

"Garfield Gets Feline Leukemia"

"What Is That Dog Doing to That Other Dog?"

"Mr. Fork and Ms. Electrical Socket Become Friends"

"Bi-Curious George"
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