Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Is it me, or has Live Journal been really quiet of late?

Partly, it's me, I honestly haven't put together a really juicy, thoughtful entry in way too long, because I've just been too busy. I have two that I've been dying to work on, too: I want to talk about the differences I see in being with a guy versus being with a woman, and also, I want to put together an entry on different journal "voices." Also, I want to get more information on Larry Kramer, because there was a great article on him in the New Yorker last week, and I really liked his observations on the need for gays to take responsibility, grow up, and behave responsibly. GOOD STUFF, and, I think, the camp that I'm falling into.

Maybe during this long weekend, I guess...

Corb FINALLY saw the bedroom pic I posted of him a few days ago. He's threatening revenge. Eeek!
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