Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Mockingbird to the Sophisticates

I see
In these stories, in these lines, in these blurbs
Windows into another world
A land of potential
A land of life's work and sustained focus
Where the words and themes of a craftsman
Taken at a crow's distance
Blend to become a straight line
A direction, a vision
A life's statement and a journey, and then

I hunger
For the strength of purpose to create such stories, lines, blurbs
To frame my life experience
And to saturate it with a sense of meaning
To craft from these rough fibers, from these frayed scraps
Tales read over a winter fire
A quilt to warm the bones on a cold lonely night
A house with a bright light that guides
The weary traveler to a welcome destination

I will/will I
This life's

(I did not draw the picture...copied from vintage/fitz.htm)
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