Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night Corbie and I ate at Hibachi Steakhouse in Norwood, MA. One of my cast members from Jekyll and Hyde was celebrating her 29th birthday (for the tenth time), and wanted us to be there, along with about six or seven others.

My friend, whose name is Kris, is just a really bright personality: warm, funny, upbeat, likes to dance, would probably dance naked at the slightest urging. She loves Corb (she calls him Conan), and we have a bond because we're both in the divorced or soon-to-divorced category, although her separation was much nastier than mine. But whose wasn't?

I find her boyfriend to be interesting. He's an attorney with an interest in acting and directing (which probably comes in handy, I imagine). We always get in the best political discussions, and there's probably no surprise where our talk went last night. His topic last night was, "Back when I was a kid, you just knew that mostly everyone was a Democrat. This election proved that that's changed, and I'm not sure when it happened." My theory is that "white noise" is a big factor. What is the background dialog that surrounds the population when they go to work, watch TV, walk their dogs? Listen closely. Contrary to popular myth, it's quite conservative.

Corb was fascinated with one woman, who I swear could have been a drag queen in another life. Does that make any sense? Come on, you must know at least one woman who is so larger than life in her mannerisms and and affectations and speech patterns that they almost seem too cartoonish to really be female.

After that, we went back to the apartment (which will be OUR apartment in two days!) and rented White Chicks . Egad. What a truly appalling mess that was. I fell asleep during bits of it, but probably didn't fall asleep enough. I mean, there were some funny bits (probably the dog hanging out a car window as it was moving was the funniest), but by and large, the movie was badly acted, badly written, and almost approached the level of black exploitation films in its approach.

The best part of the night was sitting in the parking lot, looking at our new apartment. It was a beautiful night for stargazing, or looking in the eyes of the one you love.
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