Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My LITTLE pony?

Driver Fined for Cramming Pony in Hatchback

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch police fined the driver of small hatchback car after spotting a Shetland pony crammed in the back, police said on Thursday.

"The small Shetland pony had no room to move and his head was pressed against the window," police said. A woman on the back seat held the animal by a rope.
Police fined the 42-year-old German driver of the Volkswagen Polo 220 euros ($277.1) for improper transport of the animal, just bought on a local Dutch market.

"Once the driver has obtained an export certificate, the pony can go to Germany," police said.

See guys, this is why I always let my Shetland pony do the driving...he loves to stick his head out through the sunroof and tool down the highway! We play AC/DC really loud and he likes to bray to the music, especially "Big Balls"!

But seriously, how in the world did they fit the pony in the hatchback to begin with? I'd just take the pony away from these idiots.
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