Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm really very grateful to a lot of my LJ friends who keep me sane throughout the day. Right now, topping the list is my buddy adrianaendless, who has been a lot of fun these past few days, and took the time to read through all of my installments of The Late Night Show (next chapter coming on Saturday!)

I like the mix of people that I have. On occasion, I've thought of cutting, because there are a few entries that I may read and, grouch that I am, get irritated with (and I'm certain that I've irritated a few people, myself, on more than one occasion). The entries that really get to me are the ones that are just so blatantly "love me puppyshit" (to quote Steven from many moons ago), and the fawning responses that follow. Or the journalers who aren't really interested in reading anything you have to say, but are just looking to fill blog space in theirs, to show everyone how much they're loved. Give me a break. If I have to finally grow up and stop acting the prima donna, then I just don't have much tolerance for those that are still in that space.

But when I stop to think about it, I realize that even these things hold some entertainment value, and my friends list would be a much less interesting place if I didn't read something every now and then that made me grit my teeth. Grit is good for a bird's diet, you know.

What are you least favorite journal entries to read? (If you want, you can even tell me what kind of "nocompromises" entries you'd wish I'd compromise on...)
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