Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm very tired today. Last night, Corb and I went out with some of friends after he got out of work, and so I didn't get home until after three. We went to some ungodly straight dive, where they played pool, and met his friends Lea and Lorraine, and some girl who has had three kids in six years, weighs all of 96 pounds, and has a husband who has been to jail and has an aura of violence surrounding him that tells me he'll be back there, again.

We then went to Bickfords. It was late and the clubs were just letting out, so it was fun to watch everyone enter, in various states of inebriation. One guy came in wearing the waistline from a pair of gray BVDs as a bandanna around his head. Another girl came in, stumbling and too loud, supported by two girlfriends, and wandered around, talking to strangers at different tables. Meanwhile, policemen with stern faces patrolled the restaurant, to keep order. It made for a cozy atmosphere. My eggs were kind of runny, but I liked nibbling upon Corb's hash.

Corb with Lea and Lorraine reminds me of me with Pauline and Buns. Inside jokes, long stories, lots of laughter. It's a nice feeling.

I woke up this morning way too early, and I still feel like shit for it. I picked up Tiger and took him to see my parents at Nana's. Kerrie and Clark were there, too. Nana's doing well, and looked alert, although she still can't walk very well, is terribly hard of hearing, and is missing her bottom set of teeth.

"This is good," she's say, placing some cut-up hot dog mush on her fork. "Try it." And I'd be a good Teddy and scoop some in my mouth, and try not to show that the thought of what I was doing was enough to make me want to hurl.

After that, I took Tiger out to eat with Mom and Dad, and then they saw my apartment, for the first time.

"Are you coming over for Thanksgiving?" Dad asked at the restaurant.

"I didn't get the feeling I was welcome."

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course you're welcome," Dad said gruffly. "Mom just wanted you to know that Laurie was coming, and we know how you don't really like to talk to her. But I want all my kids there. So it's settled, you're coming."

I felt like hugging him, but a large part of me would rather eat dinner with the guy I love, and also, I still want to see the kids, at some point. One thing about my life right now, it keeps me way to busy. And I thought it was rough when Josie and I had to decide which set of parents we were eating dinner at for the holidays...

Corb and I start looking at apartments this week. I'm excited.

PS: I did watch Annie Get Your Gun last night, and it's corny and the acting is a bit over the top, but it's heart is pure and bright, and the songs are just wonderful. And the pacing is tight and simply flows. Makes me so want to direct this show, rather than Oklahoma . I keep watching it, obsessively. It's currently replaced The Bandwagon as my favorite background music. They Say that Falling in Love is Wonderful goes through my head all day, and reminds me of a certain someone.
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