Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, I saw (or heard) much of the debate between Kerry and Bush, and (surprise, surprise) I thought Kerry was the better man, by far. Bush seemed repetitious and meandering and of course there were the customary malapropisms and mistakes, such as when he confused bin Lauden with Hussein (perhaps indicative of where his mind was really at after 9/11).

Last night was sheer domestic bliss. I came home and had a home-cooked stuffed pork chop dinner from Corb, then went out to meet with Pete and Tony about next year's production of Oklahoma . The good news is that the group hasn't received permission to do the show yet, which means that they could end up doing something else. The bad news is their play selection committee doesn't include either Tony or myself--we're not members, but hired talents--and they are bandying about drek such as The Sound of Music . Or stuff they aren't ready to do yet, like Follies .

Pete was in an expansive mood last night. He expressed his desire to have the group try something different for their fall show next year, like Shakespeare. I suggested starting the season with Taming of the Shrew and ending it with Kiss Me, Kate . Which I'm sure has been done before, but it'd still be fun.

Tony was a little sloshed, and could hardly read the name on his credit card. Two pitchers of beer will do that to you, I guess.

Then returned home, to blueberry pie and ice cream and the discovery that Corbie had cleaned the apartment. We continue to talk about moving in together, into a two-bedroom apartment. Financially, it makes sense, and I'm willing to move forward, because it just...feels right. Really right.

NOTE: I did watch much of Oklahoma last night, and of course, it is corny, but those Oklahomans really were obsessed with sex, weren't they? They show is filled with countless scenes of guys buying pictures of naked women, and the lead actress even has what amounts to an acid trip. There's what amounts to a slave auction in the form of a basket raffle at the start of Act Two, and the the hero tries to convince the villain to commit suicide! Gosh, what a wholesome show this is.

Don't get me wrong, I like wholesome. I even bought Annie Get Your Gun tonight. Of course, I'm really most interested in the bonus scenes, where they show a drugged-up and strung out Judy Garland before she got yanked from the pic. That should be loads of fun!
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