Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Why am I in such a freaking good mood today? I'm starting to scare myself...

Tonight I have a meeting about Oklahoma with the president of the theater for which I directed Jekyll and Hyde . I started watching the movie the other day and didn't find it as nauseating as I initially feared, but I still have the gut feeling I'm not going to be directing the show come May. Although the concept of producing an all-gay version and calling it Oklahomo! does hold some allure.

And tonight, Corbett cooks cuisine! Which is sort of like Debbie Does Dallas , except that it involves food...

So anyway, I DARE someone to break me of my good mood! Think of it strapping me into the dunking booth, and trying to knock me into the tank...if you could change one thing about "nocompromises," what would it be?
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