Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I arrived home from work hoping to just relax with the kids, but when I arrived at the after school center, I knew that it wasn't going to be that easy. Ashley was lying on one of the lunch tables, her eyes closed, her bag by her side. The counselors were all excitedly whispering, with clipboards in their hands, and called me over the minute I arrived.

"Daddy!" yelled Tiger when he saw me. "Ash is really tired!"

Turns out, Ash caused a bit of an upset there. She apparently tried to "use her powers" and get Tiger to "make out" with another boy. A little girl ran over to tell the counselors, and Ashley denied everything, and when they confirmed it with Tiger, she turned on him and became abusive. She then turned on the little girl who had told the counselors before stomping away. And when she realized that I was picking her up, she said, "Good. At least he won't scream at me and get me in big trouble."

Well, I didn't scream at her last night, because I knew we had an appointment today. Instead I let her play Super Mario Party 2 and rest. And when she was really relaxed, she admitted that she had done it, just to be funny...but obviously, it's a totally inappropriate thing to do. They're doing a big session on bullying on Monday, and I know that the biggest emotion Ashley's feeling is utter embarrassment. She's beating herself up worse than I could.

But still. It's the entire issue, what she tried to make Tiger do. There has to be something to that, so, we're going to discuss it with the therapist today. Discuss how to handle things. I thought it was too soon for Ash, given everything else she has to deal with, but perhaps we need to take action now.
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