Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Yesterday started off really rough--Ashley had a sore throat and was hell bent on staying out of school. Problem was, she had school photos that day and I had a big day at work, so staying out of school wasn't an option (particularly because I didn't think having a sore throat was enough to bunk). Once I got her calmed down, I had to figure out how to get her to look pretty--and despite the cliches, hair styling is something that I am a complete incompetent about. Handling things like baretts and creating curls that delicately circle Ashley's face are skills that I do not possess...and I don't think that will ever change. I called Josie for help, and the result was a disagreement that colored the rest of my day (it's since been worked out).

Things definitely got better, though. I left work at four and drove home to get ready for the night, and Corb showed up at 5:30. He worked hard to get me in a better mood (and it wasn't easy), and by the time we arrived at PPAC to see The Producers , I was feeling a lot better.

So how did I like the show. Ah, everyone knows how picky I am. And I will say that whoever plays the Nathan Lane role has huge shoes to fill: it's practically impossible, actually, for me to get his voice out of my mind as I hear the lyrics being sung. The Bloom role doesn't present the same problem, because all it really requires is a nice voice, a pleasant face, and a sense of comic timing. That's not insurmountable. But Max Bialystock has to be larger than life.

As for the rest of it? I was dying! I was laughing so hard I actually started crying. My favorite scenes were back to back: 1) The introduction of the crazed ex-Nazi now living a low-profile existence in Manhattan (I love the pigeons, especially the one named Adolf!) and 2) the introduction of Roger Debris and his "common law assistant" Carmen Gia. The gay characterizations were terrible cliche and horribly offensive...and I loved every minute of it!

And then, of course, there's Springtime for Hitler . Thank God I was sitting next to a blond lady that liked to laugh as much as I did. Corb was looking forward to seeing the girl in the pretzel outfit, while I wanted to see the girl in the sausage outfit. But I wasn't expecting girls in little tanks to be dancing around at the end! And watching a gay Hitler pushing a wheelchair-bound FDR off the stage was so hysterical I almost wet my pants.

After the show, we went out for Chinese Food at the Mon Kua in North Attleboro. I hadn't been there in years, and they've really kept it up. The meal was great, and I went to bed a very happy boy.
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