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Live Journal is playing around with their look again. Very nice.

Here's the answer to my new email account poll: I'm going to go with

Why aren't there enough hours in the day to get everything I want to done? I feel that my time is so stretched now, and I can't give the people that I love the time I want to devote to them. I always feel as though I'm looking over my shoulder, fretting over the next thing that needs to get done.

On the plus side, my apartment's looking great. Thank God I'm dating a guy who can whip my flabby designer instincts into shape. And I am so organized at my desk at home right now, it's incredible. Yes, I have been working on writing, a little bit every night. Except not tomorrow night: that's devoted to The Producers with Corb.

I see that Dracula , the new Broadway musical by the guy who wrote the music to Jekyll and Hyde was called "silly" by The New Yorker . As though this surprises me.

One of these days I'll actually have time to work on some of the bigger posts I want to work on. I've got one about Live Journal writing styles I'm just dying to work on.
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