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It's all perspective, really.

So I'm sitting at my computer this afternoon and I'm balancing the checkbook and taking a look at all the transactions that we had failed to record, and at the end of this water torture, I turned to Josie and said, "Well, this is going to be a tight week. I had to pay the mortgage and the car payment this week, so we'll only have $150 to live off of until next Friday."

Josie grimaced, but Tiger, my 5 year old, was standing around and overheard and tugged at my shirt. "How much did you say?" he asked, with wide eyes.

"$150," I repeated.

"Wow!" he said, jumping up, fists into the air. "We're RICH!"

So, there you go. We're rich. Which one of my esteemed LJers would like to be the first one to receive their own Cadillac, as a little token of our affection?
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