Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

On comic books and things like that

You can always tell when two guys go food shopping.

Usually when I have both Ashley and Tiger and we enter a supermarket, I blow at least $25 on food for that night and breakfast. Tonight I have Tiger, all by himself, and our shopping cart ended up being filled with four items: a bottle of Dr. Pepper, two comic books, and a new adventure of Diaperman.

The comics, of course, were for me. I decided to indulge my old obsession, just for the heck of it. Josie actually inspired it by bringing home issues of Batman and Spiderman for Tiger the other day.

So after all this time, what did I choose? Ah, I stayed true to my school: I am and always will be a DC man. I chose Catwoman and Batman: Gotham Knights . Both appear to follow closely in the Vertigo mold. What I wouldn't give for an issue of Shade the Changing Man or Gaiman's Sandman . Or Doom Patrol . Yum!

Marvel never did much for me. The only Marvel comic I ever really enjoyed was Fantastic Four , and even then, after Byrne left it, I no longer found myself caring. I did love Spawn though. At least, visually. It's one of those "lovely to look at, who cares that there's no brain inside" kind of things. Todd McFarlane really did represent the death knell of comic books that actually had something to say.

On another note, today was my monthly meeting for the Mediation Center board of directors. I was in the Frivolous Ted mode at the meeting. Board responsibilities were outlined and discussed, and one proposed responsibility was 'Engage the Executive Director.' "I won't do it," I protested. "We haven't even gone on a first date!"
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