Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Work is going crazy. Who in the hell decided it was a good idea to have a bunch of hurricanes back-to-back in Florida? Somebody's gonna pay...

Tonight I went to dinner with my old friend Bob, who used to live with my friend Pauline for years. Bob's a great guy, and I still believe he's the love of Pauline's life. In fact, even though he's dating someone else, he still sneaks over to her house from time to time for a little nooky. At least, according to Pauline. Bob and I don't discuss his midnight nooky sessions, but we do decide to go out together as two couples: Corb and I and Monica and Bob.

I tried watching the Republican National Convention, tonight, really I did. But there's only so much torture one man can stand, and personally, I'd rather get my teeth removed like Yukon Cornelius did to the Abominable Snowman than watch Arnold and Laura and all the fat rich Republican cats babylon and on.

Corb's about to come knocking on the door. Yeah!
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