Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night I went to a fairly decent production of Carousel with Corb, his Mom, and grandmom.

The set was excellent and the voices were great, with the exception of the lead who played Billy Bigelow, who totally misinterpreted his character throughout the play. From the start, he played him mean, which took away from the point of the first scene: guys like that don't come across nasty at first, they mask their abusive behavior (and words) in dripping honey. Plus, the guy who played him was totally into himself, even going so far as to list his web site in the credits.

As a result, everyone else had to compensate.

I'd give it a seven. Familar show, very competently done. The director (who acknowledged his partner in the program, which I thought was cool), had a great eye for detail and image.

One thing I never noticed before is that the scene where "You'll Never Walk Alone" is introduced is the exact same scene played out during "Climb Every Mountain" in Sound of Music. Big old single woman who's found inner peace consoles the heroine by singing the signature song in the show.

Anyway, off to Ashley's party.
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