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I know that it's sick, and people who get easily upset about animal stories should definitely not read this, but I came across the following story while I was researching hurricanes today (don't ask), and it was just too freakish to pass up...I hate to say it, but I personally have a checkered past when it comes to hamsters. We had one for years, and every week, I would clean out it's tubes by boiling them in boiling hot water in Lysol. One Sunday, however, I was cleaning out the cage and boiling the water, and suddenly, I started looking through the cage and couldn't find the hamster! My belly was a mess, but I turned around to look over to the sink, and there it was, bobbing up and down in the water, it's little legs waving frantically. I scrambled to save it, but the poor little guy just was never the same after that. It spent the last six months of its life as Frankenhamster.

My friend Lou had it even worse. She took her hamster out in its cage for some sun and didn't think about the fact that the cage had a metal bottom. A half an hour later, her son's pet was shake and bake!

But what motivated this Italian man to throw the hamsters (and one guineau pig) out the window? The world may never know...see, these are the hard-hitting questions that I would ask as a journalist...

Italian arrested for throwing hamsters

ROME (Reuters) - A retired Italian man could face up to a year and a half in prison if found guilty of killing his six pet hamsters and one guinea-pig by throwing them off his terrace into passing traffic. The man, detained by police after the guinea-pig crashed into the windscreen of a car, told officials that he had accidentally knocked the animals off his terrace while sweeping, AGI news agency reported on Thursday.

Police in the northern coastal town of Imperia discovered the hamsters' bodies littered across the street after the motorist complained about the broken windscreen. By studying the trajectory of the pets' bodies they were able to identify the pensioner's apartment. Under a new cruelty to animals law, the man could be sent to jail for between three to 18 months for killing the pets. He will also be held responsible for the damage to the windscreen.
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