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Okay, just completed the fourth revision. Damn! Stop me!!! No, actually, I think there were some fairly nice revisions this time around. Oh, and I also completed the cover letter, but that really wasn't much of anything.

Today I learned that I'll be doing a bit of traveling over the course of the next six months. It's for a series of articles I'll be writing. So, on to Ohio within the next two weeks, and I believe to Arizona in November. Well, ent that a kick in the panties? Should be fun. But is there anything even remotely interesting to do in Ohio? I'm looking forward to Arizona, if that one happens. I've always wanted to travel to Arizona.

One thing I must address, for I fear I was too critical in my last entry--of the play in general. I really did so enjoy our beloved Dark Lady in "Forum." Really, I do believe that she's come into her own with regards to acting. She really played the part to the hilt, and was without a doubt was the sultriest, most smoking babe on that stage, especially in that naughty little outfit, and the cute way she had of sucking in her cheeks as she sauntered across the stage wheeling her whip. And I thought the cutest part she had was when Milos Gloriosos (sp?) sang his solo at the end of Act One, and I could hear her above the rest of the other courtesans, backing him up with sweet little refrains of...




Ah, it was a hymn to him. Truly the angels had descended!
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