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Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm at Josie's right now. The kids have left with her to go to a birthday party, and I'll be hopping in the shower soon, and then tackling bills that I've ignored for about a week. Even though typing's a pain on this computer, because the keyboard hates me and I consistently have to go back and figure out which letters haven't properly registered, I'm typing anyway.

So here's today's topic: Love. Even though I'm not a Republican (God knows everyone knows that one), I can appreciate solid love when I see it, and on that note, there's a wonderful article in this month's Vanity Fair on Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Some of the quotes are really good, and I just feel this huge need to record them...definitely food for thought.

"From the start, our marriage was like an adolescent's dream of what a marriage should be," Reagan wrote. "It was rich and full from the beggining, and it has gotten more so with each passing day. Nancy moved into my heart and replaced an emptiness that I had ben trying to ignore for so long."

A year and a half passed since Reagan and Jane Wyman were divorced, and although he put on a cheerful face, bachelorhood did not agree with him. "I just can't get it right," Reagan told Doris Lily. "I'm no good alone."

Wrote Nancy Reagan, "Why do people fall in love? It's almost impossible to say. If you're not a teenager, you've gone on lot of dates and met a lot of people. When the real thing comes along, you know it. At least, I did...I saw it very clearly that very first night: He was everything I wanted."

"As far as we all knew at the time, she as the first woman in his life since mother," wrote Nancy Davis. "You could tell the two of them were crazy about each other. They weren't lovey-dovey or anything like that, at least not in front of us kids, but they had a natural, easy way of being with each other that suggested they belonged together."
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