Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night was spent eating Chinese food with the kids, snuggling in bed, and reading Bill Clinton's article in Time magazine. It's good preparation for the Democratic National Convention taking place in Boston next week: like the contrary Democrat that I am, I'll be hightailing it to New Hamster that weekend, and even worse, camping in Maine after for three days after that.

But I am going to F911 tonight, with my oldest, Annie, and Corb. My cellmate Peg saw it last Friday, and says that she's surprised that the Bushwacker's people didn't put out a contract on Michael Moore's life, it's so incendiary.

I'm in such a retro mood this week. The start of the week was ELO, today I'm listening to this disco station on Accuradio. The Bee Gees are playing right now...thankfully, Corb did turn me on to the Cardigans Tuesday night. That will be an acquisition for another day.
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